Human beings have been using herbs for healing for millennia, each culture developing its own methods, using the Dandelion Close Upplants that grew in the region.    Today we can use herbs and foods to help us:

  • reduce stress
  • have more energy
  • avoid colds and flus
  • sleep well
  • feel well

Every day in the news we read about increased rates of allergies, diabetes, cancer, and other deep imbalances in our bodies.  We also read about climate change, soil erosion, dying reef systems, and many other ecological problems.  What happens to the Earth happens to us, we are not isolated but interconnected with all life on this planet.   Nature has the capacity to help us and we in return can help nature.  Every step we take toward living in harmony with the rest of our world is a step toward healing.

We often hear the phrase, “think globally, act locally”.  Nothing is more local than our own bodies.  If we work on our own healing, that work will spread like ripples on a pond.

I want to help you on your healing journey.   If you are ready to begin please contact me for an appointment.


Sybil Killian