I’ve taken a very winding path to get here, to this place, this practice.  I’ve had all kinds of jobs from stagehand to office manager.  Then I found herbalism and my life changed.  The study of herbs has opened so many doors, into places I never thought I would go.  Along the way I’ve found new ideas, new beliefs and new challenges.  I’ve had to let go of certainty and my really serious need for control of every last little thing.

I firmly believe that all healing is self-healing.  We all have the ability to heal ourselves, from broken bones to broken hearts.  But we must be willing to both do the work and to accept the healing.

I have come to this place through the healing work I am doing for myself.  Every day the work continues and some days are much harder than others.  I’ve had to make changes, and we all know how hard that can be.  Habits are deep.

But I also believe that change is possible, particularly when you have support.  I have chosen to do this work because I want to provide that support for others.  It can make an enormous difference to have an objective voice whose sole purpose is to help you do the healing you need and want to do.  My superpower is seeing past all the noise to the heart of the matter and I can help you to find your way out of your personal jungle, one step at at time.

This work is not simply a job for me, it is a vocation, a calling to be of service in the world.  I would love to help you to heal and to create a sustainable and meaningful life.


Sybil Killian