Changeable Spring

Yesterday the sky was mostly clear and blue and I sat outside letting the sun bathe my face.  Today the sky is leaden and for a brief moment I considered building an ark.  The combination of snow on the ground, rain, and 50 degree temperatures has created a low hanging fog that’s sitting over the park.  I saw only one other person during my walk.  Amazingly, he was in just a sweatshirt. No rain jacket, no umbrella.  Just seeing him made me colder.  It can’t be that he was unprepared, it’s been raining for hours.  It always amazes me when people are so oblivious to cold.

But despite the cold there is a kind of beauty to days like this.  The fog that conjures up sprites, jacky twoad, and the Hound of the Baskervilles is delightfully otherworldly.  Rivers appear all over, the rain and snow melt running in torrents down to the river and the sky is deep,gray, and mysterious.

I went out, not just to walk in the mist, but to buy some ginger.  My circulation is a little slow, my joints crackly.  I need to warm myself up and ginger is just the thing.  I like to make fresh ginger tea.  I just grate some ginger, pour in boiling water and let sit for 10 minutes or so.  I like it just like that, bracing and pungent but I also like to add some honey and occasionally some lemon juice.  If you are feeling chilled you can also add the infusion to a hot bath.  Stay in for at least 15 minutes then wrap up well.


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