For the Birders

I usually talk about plants and trees here but I also love to watch birds.  Last spring I receive a wonderful gift in the form of a robin’s nest in the tree right outside my window.  I got to watch the parents build a nest and sit on the eggs.  Once they hatched I got to watch them get fed and grow.  I did not get to see them take flight though.  I could not sit and watch the nest all day.  This year no one has built a nest in that tree but I still get to watch birds up close thanks to the people at the Cornell Ornithology Lab.  They have a number of cameras set up in nests so you can observe the birds up close as they hatch and raise their young.  It is invasive, I know, and I hope the birds do not mind being observed so closely by so many.  It is a great privilege to have this intimate view of life.  Go and watch for a bit then see how you feel.  More relaxed?  Less stressed?  Benevolent toward the world?  This is the power of getting back in touch with nature.

Blue Heron


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