Signs of Summer

As you may know, people did not always think of the equinoxes and solstices and seasonal markers.  That is, the summer solstice was midsummer, not the beginning of summer.  This makes much more sense to me so I have adopted it.  As far as I’m concerned summer began back in the first week of May as many plants come into bloom and the daylight really starts to feel longer.  There are some other markers for the season and this past week one has appeared: strawberries at the farmer’s market.  I am, as some of you certainly know, very particular about my food.  I find that strawberries are often disappointing to me.  I had them in Europe as a child and they were so sweet and so flavorful.  I have not found a strawberry here in the US that compares, even the ones at the farmer’s market.  They are okay, and certainly better than the overgrown watery ones you find at the supermarket but not really great for eating by the handful, the juice dripping down your chin.  So I usually put them in things,  in smoothies or in baked goods.  This weekend I plan to make one of these.  It sounds just right for a summer’s day.  If you are not familiar with the Smitten Kitchen blog I highly recommend browsing through it.  It is a wonderful resource and lots of fun to read.  Then go cook something wonderful.


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