Private Workshops for Small Groups

Learn to use herbs in the comfort of your own home.

Basics of Herbal Healing

Using herbs for healing may seem complicated but it isn’t really, not for the issues we deal with every day.  You may already be doing it by adding basil to your tomato sauce and cinnamon to your oatmeal.  There was a time when everyone knew how to use the plants in their garden to soothe the humps and bumps of every day life.  With the rise of modern medicine that knowledge disappeared but we can get it back. In this workshop you’ll learn about common herbs that can really improve your health when you consciously use them on a daily basis.

Making Herbal Remedies

Medicine does not have to taste yucky.  In this hands on workshop we will make syrups, cordials, electuaries and infusions that are as delicious as they are healing.

Making Your Own Body Products

When you make your own products you can tailor them so they are just right for you.    In this hands on workshop we will make cleansers, toners, balms, and bath products that you can use to pamper your body and your mind.  We will use unrefined and organic ingredients – butters, oils, scents – that feel and smell wonderful and are free of synthetic chemicals.

Contact me at rootleafflower AT gmail DOT com to arrange for a private workshop.


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